We provide extraordinary recruiting services, placing multi-level and talented mechanical engineering analysts, designers, and program managers in contract, temporary, and permanent positions. We provide superior service and support to contractors and clients, creating an ideal fit with our ability to support our client's onsite location coupled with our high level in-house technical capability and understanding.

Managed Staffing Service

Eicher's Employee Relations and Management Team have the responsibility to ensure that the best industry talent is identified and available for clients' assignments. EES provides tailored software and customized services to help an organization manage the procurement and operation of temporary / contractual staff. We offer one point of contact for all employees on assignment, as well as regular contact, performance tracking, annual reviews, and training. We systematically locate the best candidates from a wide range of recruiting criteria.

  • Work History
  • Education Level
  • Skill Level
  • Technical Level
  • Software Knowledge
  • Client Specific Software
  • Background Investigations–References
  • Criminal Checks
  • Drug Testing
  • Education Verification
  • Credential Verification

Industry Focus

  • Accounting Staffing
  • Architecture Staffing
  • Aviation Staffing
  • Automotive Staffing
  • Engineering Staffing
  • Energy Staffing
  • Manufacturing Staffing
  • Sciences Staffing

Employee Focus

Your most valuable asset is your employees and we pride ourselves on being able to provide the best. We offer a diverse set of professional employees with a wide range of expertise and technical background to work under the client's supervision on a contract, or permanent basis.

Eicher Goals

  • Rapid Response
  • Quality contractors
  • Quality customer service
  • reliable contractors
  • Competitive rate structures
  • Local, National, and Global support
  • Hardware and software support

Eicher Advantages

Specialized recruiters know the unique skills and requirements of each industry and where to locate the best people. Of ongoing recruiting we are constantly recruiting people, we have a database of qualified candidates ready to go to work.

Carefully screened, qualified candidates - Our comprehensive recruiting, screening and testing process means you get qualified candidates with the skills to fit perfectly into their positions.

Four Phase Delivery Process

  • Customer Analysis to understand your requirements and provide the best candidate
  • Screening to identify the skills, experience critical to a successful placement.
  • Selection to ensure the candidate is capable of meeting the job requirements.
  • Performance Monitoring to provide the highest level of service in the staffing industry

Our Staffing Team has the responsibility to ensure that the best industry talent is identified and available for client assignments.

Staffing Categories

  • CAD Operators/Designers
  • Program Managers
  • Project Engineers
  • Lead Engineers
  • Engineering Supervisors
  • Technical Specialist
  • Analysts
  • Technicians
  • Manufacturing Supervisors
  • Technical Coordinators
  • Other Engineering Staff
  • IT Categories Project Managers
  • Programmer/Analysts
  • Network/Database Administrators
  • Software Engineers
  • Quality Assurance


All information concerning candidates referred by Eicher Engineering Solutions will be kept strictly confidential. The supervision of the duties of a Eicher Engineering Solutions employee(s) is the responsibility of our client; however, the assigned employee is the employee of Eicher Engineering Solutions and shall not be deemed to be your employee. Eicher Engineering Solutions warrants that the employee is adequately covered by Worker's Compensation Insurance and that Eicher Engineering Solutions assumes total responsibility to pay the employee's salary, all related federal, state and local payroll takes, and other applicable charges required by statue.

Because Eicher Engineering Solutions has a substantial investment in maintaining its staff of employees and candidates, and in consideration of the services rendered by Eicher Engineering Solutions it is agreed that for a period of six (6) months from the date of introduction or from the last day worked, the customer will not utilize or hire directly, utilize or hire through another staffing firm, or refer to any associated companies or contacts, any Eicher Engineering Solutions employee or candidate. Should you hire, utilize, or refer any Eicher Engineering Solutions employee or candidate as stated above within six (6) months from introduction of last day worked, it is agreed that you will pay the full fee, which is twenty percent (20%) of annual compensation.


Eicher Engineering Solutions guarantees your satisfaction with the assigned employee's services. If for any reason you dissatisfied at any time with the employee, please let us know. We will replace the individual immediately.

Liquidation Fee

After you evaluate the performance and potential of a Eicher Engineering Solutions employee on the job, you may wish to hire this person on a full-time basis. Should this occur, there will be a fee for the release of the Eicher Engineering Solutions employee. This fee will be calculated by taking the full fee (defined as 20% of annual compensation) less ten percent (10%) of the related employee's total invoicing from their most current assignment.