Prototype Shop Services

Eicher provides world-class shop services that include:

Female assembly nests fabricated from master models to be used for locating and bonding sub assemblies and reinforcements to main panels can be used for low volume production fiberglass assemblies.

Fully Detailed Table Top Study Models

NC milled tooling plank models and SLA parts to support design fit, finish, and themes in specific interface locations around properties. Typically, models and SLA parts are lightly primed and assembled for management review or fully painted, plated, and covered.

Model Fabrication to Match Customer Requirements

NC milled tooling plank models to support theme selection. Typically O.S.M. models are lightly benched, primed, grained, plated, fabric or leather wrapped, and assembled for management reviews. These bucks replicate fully trimmed interiors.

Carbon Fiber & Fiberglass Parts

Expendable low density 10, 12, 15, & 20 lb tooling foams for inexpensive prove out or first look properties. These foam models can be small review models to large one piece exterior bucks that can be primed and painted. Long term high density 30, 41, and 55 lb tooling plank models to be used for high detail milling, high tolerance, durability, and longevity.

Epoxy Manual Assembly & Bonding Fixtures

Standard or high temperature epoxy fiberglass or carbon fiber manual laminations from open faced female tools. Vacuum bagged epoxy carbon fiber parts from female tools. Assembled and bonded prototype components. High temperature epoxy ductwork fabricated from split open faced tools.

Prototype Part Assemblies

High Volume prototype urethane parts from high density tooling plank closed molds. Urethane parts can have varying durometers to simulate ABS to soft rubber. Low volume silicone tooling from SLA rapid parts for quick turnaround urethane parts Epoxy laminated parts with fabricated backside mounting features for durable mockup properties. All fabricated parts can be finished, painted and integrated or installed into existing customer supplied properties.

NC Programming & Milling Support

Can supply cutter path programs in work NC format per customer direction and requirements Provides NC milling support for all types of tooling foam and plank supplied by customer or we can purchase and glue up stock for full service project support.

Shop Information

3 Axis Tarus Mill with Fidia Controller
Equipped with 90 Degree and Tip Heads
Table size 120" x 72"
Milling Envelope 120" x 68" x 32"

4 Axis Tarus Mill with Tarus Controller
Equipped with 90 Degree and Tip Heads
Table size 156" x 100"
Milling Envelope 120" x 90" x 48"