Eicher Engineering Solutions provides comprehensive product development solutions with a creative edge in design, advanced mechanical engineering, and prototyping.

Our mission is to exceed customer expectations and provide the highest quality and most cost effective product development services available from our strategic global delivery centers in Detroit, China and India.


Eicher purchased two well-known Detroit based engineering powerhouses; Design Intent Engineering in June 2005 and Hoff & Associates in April 2007, thus strengthening core advanced engineering capability and expanding its virtual product development offerings from concept design to final release.

Growth Strategies

  • Form Strategic Partnerships with global manufacturing suppliers, and expand our engineering facilities in support of those relationships.
  • Expand Engineering Technical Centers in support of global OEM new product and technology development.
  • Increase Global Market Share by expanding service and delivery offerings. Provide technical leadership and advanced engineering and cost effectiveness.


The benefits we offer include; Extended Advantage and Faster Development, Quality Process, robust infrastructure, and Total Value.

Extended Advantage: Having offshore development centers gives our customers access to state-of-the-art development facilities and skilled resources.

Faster Development Advantage: A 24 Hour cycle can be kept going to speed development by using time zone difference as an advantage to hasten development time.

Quality Processes: EES is ISO certified and has quality processes operating at the highest possible development quality. This ensures minimum error rate and rework.

Infrastructure: Our offshore development centers have the latest IT, high performance compute servers, and technology infrastructure available reducing project startup time.

Better Value For The Money: EES offers a competitive cost structure that integrates design and analysis activity with blended rates for North American and / or offshore teams.

Total Value: Solutions that complement your business strategies, practices, and vision of integrated global product development.